starred reviewSTARRED REVIEW “A freckled, red-haired girl invites a rabbit onto her trampoline, and they both bounce skyward. Their tender, repeated reunions recall the out-and-back movement of toddlers as they set off on exploratory forays and then return to safety. Yelchin plays the earthy, red-brown warmth of the rabbit’s fur off the cool blue of the sky, and his use of collage magnifies the sense of characters suspended in midair. The action ricochets into outer space and back like a magnificent bungee jump, and the girl’s presence offers reassurance throughout.”

—Publishers Weekly

“Awash in bright, springtime hues, Yelchin's illustrations (collages made with painted pieces of cut paper) provide both dynamic backdrop and rich detail in this uplifting visual narrative. Careful readers will notice the similarity between illustrations at the beginning and end that cheerfully blur the distinction between real and pretend, allowing readers to decide for themselves. A celebration of the heights of imagination as the eponymous spring hare lives up (and up and up) to its name.”


“Though the book is wordless, the subtle play on language is evident, particularly with spring meaning both the season and the bouncy action of the plot. Yelchin’s collage illustrations constantly change perspective and point of view, and he uses energetic, rich tones of yellows, greens, blues, reds, and oranges to communicate movement and buoyancy, which playfully capture the exuberant feelings new friendship, the joy of movement, and the possibilities of imagination.”


“Illustrations have been traditionally drawn then cut to create a collage feel; seeing individually cut blades of grass, trees, drops of rain, and stars seems to add to the imagination of the piece. Young viewers will want to spend time poring over the pictures and constructing narratives. VERDICT A warm and fanciful journey suitable for one-on-one and small group sharing.”

—School Library Journal

“Yelchin presents a whimsical wordless tale brimming with energy. Panoramic double-page spreads, along with a range of textures and a vibrant color palette, result in an immersive and buoyant bounce of an adventure.”

—Horn Book

“Joy and motion and rich texture come together beautifully in this fantastical, whimsical story about friendship and adventure. Get ready to fly to the stars.”

—The News-Gazette