by Mary Kuryla and Eugene Yelchin
HarperCollins Publishers © 2008
Maria Modugno, editor.
Martha Rago, Dana Fritts, art directors

Ghost Hunters Yelchin and Kuryla

Eugene Yelchin and Mary Kuryla, creative husband-and-wife team who have devoted their lives to communicating with spirits, were conducting a seance in a haunted hotel when they were contacted by spirits claiming to be members of the Ghost Society. Over the course of several nights, Yelchin and Kuryla, in a state of trance, recorded through the mode of automatic writing and drafting the fascinating accounts of the Ghost Society, later published by HARPERCOLLINS and presently for sale in bookstores and online.

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Honors and Exhibitions

The Ghosts of Japan spread was exhibited at The Museum of American Illustration in NewYork in 2009,  and is published in the Society of Illustrators Annual, Illustrators 51.


"Spooky Fun"

– People Magazine

"The tone is authoritative if always tongue in cheek."

– The New York Times Book Review

"Clever and intricate... Masterfully illustrated."

– Ghostvillage

"A book for tactile and visual exploration… a book for groups and sharing."


"Original, well-thought-out… lavish, ghoulish illustrations throughout."


"Be warned, this is scary stuff."

- The Reading Tub

Behind-the-Scenes Extra: Ghostly Manifestation Disrupts Yelchin-Kurila Interview

A ghostly presence disrupted Mr. Yelchin and Ms. Kuryla's interview at the HarperCollins Studios in New York, when a spirit possessed Mr. Yelchin. The extraordinary occurence was recorded on videtape and can be viewed above. For higher quality video, please click here.