2016 Bank Street College of Education Best Children's Books of the Year List


"Taking cues from Persian miniatures, Yelchin creates a rowdy, bickering cast of villagers in turbans and vividly patterned garments, successfully playing up the story's comedic clashes."

—Publishers Weekly

"The book should provide opportunities for rich discussions about perception and about advocating for what you believe to be true."

—Horn Book

"An amusing retelling."


“A beautifully illustrated, kid-friendly retelling of Rumi's "The Three Blind Men and the Elephant". Finding our truths and recognizing perspective are imperative for readers of all ages.”

—The Austin Chronicle

"Yelchin's illustrations are bright and colorful and filled with expressive faces. They take the story to an imaginative level. The story is told simply but with a meaningful impact. Young readers and teachers who enjoy folktales with an entertaining moral will appreciate this story's message."

—School Library Journal

“Eugene Yelchin creates an intriguing cast of characters, basing his work on Persian miniature paintings. He adds a note at the end of the story: As an artist who worked in Russia when “information was routinely obscured or distorted by the government,” he says, “the importance of seeing the complete picture instead of groping for bits and pieces of it in the dark resonated deeply with me.”