Eugene Yelchin school visit and testimonialSchool Visits: Eugene is available to visit your school with up to three presentations a day, assemblies included. He can work with children from K through 12 grouped appropriately. If the schools are out of town (Eugene lives in Los Angeles) it is possible to arrange for several days of various schools' visits coordinated by the local school’s officials.

• Lower School: Eugene will discuss the making of a picture book, as well as engage children in drawing exercises.
• Middle School: Using Breaking Stalin’s Nose as an example Eugene will show the connection between reality and fiction, between personal and public, as well as show how storytelling and ideology influence one another across all media.
• High School: Eugene will break down the storytelling apparatus, show the hidden elements of any given narrative, and suggest ways in which students may develop their own writing.

Drawing Workshop: Eugene will present “The Color in Black and White”, a hands on workshop focused on various techniques of drawing.

Conferences, Book Festivals, Professional Groups: Eugene will do up to three presentations a day geared specifically to the event’s themes and needs.

Honorarium: A per day honorarium in addition to paid expenses such as travel, hotels, and meals. Inquire at:

Autograph Session: The host is responsible for ordering books in advance. Ordering information is available from the publishers of Eugene’s books.